Letter to Ella, 11 months old

My dearest Ella,

The idea for this blog came because of you!  You are almost a year old and I have not documented many of our memories together.  That needed to change.  I am writing letters to you now, so that we can look back and read them when you are older.  I want to remember these early years.  I cherish this time with you & hope to document as much as possible.  So without further ado, here are my favorite things about you right now, my beautiful little 11 month old..

  • how fast you crawl & breathe quickly out of ecstatic excitement when I say the words ‘where is daddy?!’ after I hear the garage door open & he’s home from work.  You crawl at lightening speeds to get to his feet & then pull up on his pants, with the biggest smile on your face.
  • your eyebrows..  when you raise them out of curiosity or excitement.  You are so expressive.   I know exactly what you’re thinking.. when you hear a new sound or see a bunny dash across the backyard.

raised, inquisitive eyebrows

  • when you’re chasing me (or I, you) & we’re crawling in circles around the couches.. you will stop & drop flat to your stomach, arms & legs sprawled out, & lay your cheek on the floor to look under the couch to find my exact location.  I’ll be peeking under too & ‘catch you’ searching for me & you then you’ll smile or giggle.


  • how you gently shake your head to ‘dance’ whenever you hear familiar music that i play for you.. & sometimes you’ll  hum or let out an ‘uhhh’ as though you’re singing.
  • our little playful ritual we have of peek-a-boo when I come to get you after your afternoon nap.  (post with specifics about it to follow)


  • how you extend your hand, fingers clasped, with or without food in them, to ‘share’ with mommy & daddy.  you love when we take pretend bites & enjoy the food you’re giving us.  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset
  • how you wave “hi” & “bye” to people (even strangers at times).  But you especially like waving to us, mommy & daddy.  Our favorite is from your car seat, when we wave in the rear view mirror & you grin & wave back.
  • when you lay your head on our shoulder when we ask you to ‘give a hug’.  my heart melts into mush.

I love you so,

your mommy


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