Motherhood – Mothers Day 2014

” Motherhood is loving someone more than I ever thought possible.   It’s something I couldn’t have imagined or dreamt of before we had our beautiful daughter.   Every time she looks at me with her bright eyes, or wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder, my heart explodes with love.  A mother’s love for her baby is indescribable.  

Something that comes to my mind when I think about how much I love her is that that’s how much Jesus loves me.. & even more.  I can hardly wrap my mind around that!  Motherhood: God’s perfect way of reminding me of His love for me.  Just as I love my daughter, my Heavenly Daddy loves me.. & today, He is who I’m thanking for giving me the gift of being a mother. “

Dear Ella,

The above is a little something that I wrote when I was recently asked “What is Motherhood”?  I added the part about how much Jesus loves me because it has helped me to handle all the scary parts about being a mommy.  The times when I worry about you.. about my capability of taking care of you, protecting you & raising you well.  When I have anxiety about your health or about something happening to you.  When I wonder how I can juggle all my responsibilities and still be a good wife, sister and friend.  In those times of fear or doubt – when I’m listening to Satan’s lies – God is quick to intervene and remind me how much He loves me.  I am humbled and in awe and thankful.  It’s amazing how much peace He can bring me.  And then I am free to focus on all the joyous parts of being your mommy.

Today is my second year to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Last year you were still brand new and it was a little surreal when people were telling me “Happy mothers day”.  Today it really sunk in and I enjoyed every second of it.  I hugged you & kissed your cheeks extra.  You are in the 5th percentile for weight for your age (approx 17 lbs  ), so you’re still small and so easy to cuddle with.   I get to hold and squeeze you lots before your naps and bedtime.  Today I just dwelled on it a little longer and soaked it all up.

Yesterday we went on a fun, challenging, gorgeous hike and the temps were in the high 60s.  But today?!..  it was in the low 40s and hailing & snowing.  So crazy!!  So after church we just stayed home and played with you the rest of the day.  Your sweet daddy got me 3 bunches of tulips – 2 to plant out in the yard- and a new french press coffee machine (because I had broken our other one a few weeks ago).  Then, when you went down for your nap, he and I made homemade crepes and enjoyed them like we use to all the time when we were dating.  For dinner we got take-out sushi and some wine.  Such a nice treat.

It was the most perfect day for me!  And mainly because we simply got to enjoy & reflect on how blessed we are to have YOU (& because I got pampered a little bit too ;).  We face-timed with all of our families and my mom and sisters sent me the sweetest cards.  I’m trying to take pictures of us on all our special occasions so we can look back on them together.  So here we are!!  Mothers Day 2014 with my little one-year old Angel girl:

I love you more and more each day,







One thought on “Motherhood – Mothers Day 2014

  1. Awesome, Thank you of sharing this! I love seeing how much you love Ella and how much you enjoy being a mommy! She will love reading these letters some day and you will love to look back on them! Love the pictures. you are so beautiful my dear friend. Love you.

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