Favorite Summer Beauty Products

“I didn’t wake up like this” is a true statement I’ve seen used on social media.. & thanks to filters and editing apps, it’s easy to think some girls are closer to perfect than they actually are.

It’s good to stay aware of that, but does that mean we shouldn’t try to look our best & take care of ourselves?  For our husbands (or future husbands), for our own confidence and for just plain fun?  I don’t think it does – we can enjoy making ourselves pretty, as long as our self-worth isn’t wrapped up in it and we don’t let it consume us.  (another blog post about women, comparison, envy & social media coming soon).

So here it is: some of my current favorite beauty products!  Skip around to whatever you’re interested in.  And it’d be super cool if you shared some of your favorites too.  Sisters helping sisters out is the name of this game, y’all…




BB Cream  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

The Youth Code is my fav bc it is more hydrating & gives a dewy look.  (but it is very dry here in CO, so I don’t know how the ‘dewy look’ would be in humidity).  The Magic one is more matte though & dries to a powdery finish.   Both are pretty & have great reviews!



Sunscreen Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

I’m a fan of chemical-free sunscreens, or otherwise called mineral-based.  (Titanium Dioxide instead of Oxybenzone is used to block UV rays.  read an informative article that I loved about that here)

Cotz:  I don’t use this everyday, but for when I know I’ll be out in the direct sun.   It’s SPF 40, also mineral based & has a slight tint of coverage that is matte.  Amen & Hallellujah .  I’ve been impressed.  My face hasn’t burned once in this strong Colorado sun.  (Thank you, Brooke for telling me about this.)



Ok, we’ve gotta be real here.  I do use this every now and then.  I don’t have time to lay out.  I’m in shorts & tanks whenever I’m outside, which results in tan Lines.  My body then looks like an oreo.  Tan arms and tan lower half of my legs.  In a swimsuit?  Bless it.  ::head shaking side to side::

In comes this stuff.  It is NOT orange.  The lotion is actually a greenish-brown color, which proves the olive tone it has.  This beauty blogger actually wrote about it & recommended it here … but I will say that I discovered it before I saw it there.  ::fist pump::  (Warning: use a tanning glove to apply (there are cheap ones at Ulta).  Aint nobody got time for brown hands/fingers!)


Mascara  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

I’ve used Full & Soft for years.  It’s the best.  But, there was a $1 off coupon at Target this week for this new Pumped Up! product & I’ve really liked it too!  Here’s to getting as close to baby elephant eyelashes as we can.



Leave in Conditioner

 It detangles and hydrates coarse, curly hair.  The End. 


 Dry Shampoo  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

I don’t know how women live without this… dry shampoo is my saving grace.  Blow Pro & Klorane are amazing because they are NOT an aerosol spray (aka: no alcohol) so it’s not drying/damaging.. they are powders that you puff onto your hair/scalp.  I prefer the Blow Pro, but my friends that are blonde prefer the Klorane.  I only use the expensive stuff when wearing my hair down.  For just daily errands & ponytails?  Batiste it is.   (Ulta is having a promo till July 25 for Blow Pro & you get a texturizing spray or hairspray with the purchase.  great deal)



Confession:  I don’t leave the house without this.  I came out of the womb with dark circles under my eyes & it’s only gotten worse with age.  I also get cystic ache, which means I have purple ache scars.  awesome

Nars is creamy & blends perfectly.. Boi-ing I use to use, & is thicker but still great.  I actually use the Maybelline as a highlighter.  My sisters (who don’t have dark circles or ache) use the Maybelline as their main/only concealer.



Matte Nail Polish  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

The CND is a gel type that’s an ‘everythinginone’ polish and that is suppose to last longer than normal polish.  It does & I’ve really liked it.  This one has a pinkish tint to it.  The Essie Marshmellow is white.  It is matte but not too bold (so it doesn’t look like you took white-out to your nails).  This is what I am wearing on my nails in all these pics.


Bronzer   Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

My favorite & the most important!  Oh man, if bronzer doesn’t say Summer, I don’t know what does.  I use California Tan for every day & the Urban Decay for special occasions.  I got the CT when it was only $8 on Amazon, but now it’s $20 for some reason!?!?!  what?  So sorry, I don’t have a cheaper recommendation : (  Maybe someone can comment & share a drugstore one that they like??

Anyways, MAC: I used a few yrs ago and my sis, Dina, still uses it now.. good stuff, great quality.       ***For my fav tutorial on how to apply bronzer click here.***


Lastly, I liked this picture example of No Makeup vs. ‘No Makeup’.  (And here’s her video of what she does – though I don’t even do this many steps & would recommend simplifying : )

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.44.57 PM

image from Maskcara.com


I didn’t make this list of products to advocate spending lots of time on yourself.   But I do think a few minutes and a few products can help enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  Agreed?  Thoughts?

Have fun taking a little time for yourself!  But don’t forget:





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