Baby #2!

Dear Ella,

You’re going to be a big sister!!!

I haven’t written {or done much of anything} in these last several months because of how sick & exhausted I’ve been.. but I wanted to write about finding out we were pregnant.. and how we told daddy & how we dressed you in your cute Big Sister shirt. 🙂  Such SWEET memories for me..  I love thinking back to it, even though it was only 4 months ago.

Wellllll, you were conceived in London {olympics 2012!!} & so we decided to keep the international tradition alive & your baby brother/sister was conceived in Croatia!!!    Just joking about the tradition.. we obviously had no control over that.. but God is funny for allowing it to happen that way & we are so grateful for His timing & plan for our family.

Daddy left Croatia a week and a half before us & I found out I was expecting after he left.  I kept it a secret until we saw him in person, in the Denver airport.   I put you in your Big sister shirt (that we had gotten in San Antonio) & I gave you a {cleaned} pregnancy test that I had taken that said ‘pregnant’ on it!   Daddy didn’t notice your shirt right away, but when I told you to ‘give daddy his present’ & you handed him the stick, he was so surprised! & ecstatic!  And then he noticed your shirt.  It was so sweet & exciting!!!

IMG_1475 IMG_1477 IMG_1481

About 2-3 weeks after that I started to get sooo nauseous, way more than I had been with you.  Your daddy was so gracious and selfless during the next few months because he was basically a single dad in the evenings & weekends.  He put up with lots of rotisserie chicken, frozen pizzas and sandwiches for dinner.. and he didn’t say a word about how messy our house got. I napped every single day when you would nap.  And some days still felt like I was hit by a train when you’d wake up.. so I’d prop up pillows for you in my bed and you’d watch Frozen or play games on my phone.  It was a season, I had to keep telling myself, and it was ok.  I was just thankful for a healthy pregnancy.

Aside from the nausea, it’s also been hard for me to not be exercising.  Thankfully, around 16-18 weeks I stared feeling less sick so now will start to work out again, gradually.  We visited San Antonio a few weeks ago and I got sore from walking up the stairs in their house.   So sad & horrible & embarrassing.  Haha

But YOU, my love bug, have been amazing.. so sweet, so good, no tantrums.. you’re just clingy/needy/sensitive, but I think that’s your personality.   I try to hold you extra and get on the floor with you lots and play with you whenever you want.  I know my time with only you is ticking by quickly & I want to look back & know I treasured it & loved on you the best I could.  {oh my gosh, that makes me emotional!!!! to type… I pray that Jesus doubles the size of my heart, so I don’t have to share my love over two babies}

back in August, playing at the park with daddy:  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset IMG_1547 IMG_1545

The 8 week apt is one of the most wonderful times:  hearing a heartbeat & realizing that this is really happening.  Bless your heart, you were clueless about what all the excitement was about, but we were overwhelmed with joy & thankfulness:


Your B-day is 4-15-2013.. & this baby’s due date is 4-13-2015.  haha.. so it could be the exact numbers, just mixed up.. OR you could share a Bday with each other.  So crazy but awesome!!

We announced the pregnancy after my 12 week apt.  We had taken some fun pics when we went into the mountains to see all the leaves changing colors.  Colorado is so beautiful in the fall.

IMG_2482 IMG_2460 Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

You are going to be such an incredible big sister!!  I love how you’re already caring for & loving on your baby dolls… I can’t wait to see how the Lord equips you for your little brother or sister.

I love you, my Ella Bella…. you are my whole world,



2 thoughts on “Baby #2!

  1. Oh my gosh I love this so much! You’re such a wonderful mom and how blessed your kids will be by being showered with love by you!! So excited to go through this special season along side you friend!!

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