Organic Fruits & Veggies for $11/week

I try to eat healthy.  I know the benefits it has and how much more fluidly our systems function when our body gets what it needs (digestion, nervous, reproductive, immune systems, etc…).  BUT when my husband and I sat down and recalled the number of fruits and veggies we had actually eaten the day before, we realized we weren’t getting the 5 of each that we should be.  

On days that we did, I noticed I was eating repeated things.. 2 apples, 2 spinach salads, etc.  I wasn’t getting a variety of nutrients.  When my good friend told me about Juice Plus and how the capsules were powders of 17 fruits and veggies that were organically grown and broken down with minimal heat, I was jealous.  Then I was scared that it’d be a million dollars and not worth the cost, but I was wrong.

It comes out to $11/ week.  When you consider buying that and the TIME it would take to juice it with a juicer (to retain all the enzymes and phytonutrients that the capsules keep intact) it was such a steal of a deal that we ordered some ASAP.  It’s been my pre-natal ever since and my daughter Ella asks for her ‘bi-min’ (vitamin..her chewable) multiple times a day.

I love that it’s whole-food nutrition (not synthetic vitamins), that it’s researched and proven safe for pregnancy and for infants, and that the company has tons of research studies to back up how it improves your health. see research here Their protein powder is vegan, nutrient-dense, and is my best friend in the afternoons, when I’m starving and want chips and salsa and cheese, but instead can make a smoothie that fills me up and nourishes my growing baby.   (listen, some days I eat the salsa & cheese.. but at least it’s not every day)
Now, what about our babies?!… (even if they’re older children 😉 )
Am I the only mom that stresses about how poorly my child eats on some days??
Do I try to get as many fruits and veggies onto her tray as possible and ‘gently force’ her to put them in her mouth and swallow?  yes.
Are there days when she won’t touch a single thing bc she doesn’t feel like it but my pediatrician says “that’s just toddler eating for ya”? YES.

Kiddos get sick an average of 6-8 times a year.  Getting all the nutrients a child needs from healthy foods won’t prevent sickness completely, but it’s proven to help their bodies be better equipped to fight off infections or viruses.  Juice Plus does a Children’s Health Study and these are the current findings.  After taking chewables:

70% kids were eating less fast food & soft drinks, & drinking more water
66% were visiting the Dr less (because of stronger immune systems)
60% were eating more fruits and veggies (parent’s report they actual crave more)
60% were missing fewer days of school

My daughter isn’t old enough to be going to school or eating fast food, but I will say that when she (rarely) gets sick, she fights it quickly and it is always mild.  Before we started Juice Plus, that is something I had heard from several mom friends, who’s toddlers were on the  chewables: they saw a noticeable difference in how often they got sick and how much shorter the duration was when they did.    Lastly, but just as important, we love that there isn’t add junk in them:

Check out my website HERE for some additional info about the adult capsules, children’s gummies or protein powder and let me know if you have any specific questions about one of the best investments our family has ever made.

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