Ella – 14 months

My sweetest girl,

I haven’t written anything for about a month, so I have a lot of catching up to do!  Where do I start?.. Life with you has been glorious since you started walking.  Yes there are moments when I talk through my teeth to you & have to deal with my frustration or being on my last nerve, but overall I have been pleasantly surprised and thankful with how easy & enjoyable you are.  More & more of your personality has shown through & I love watching all the things you’re learning & expressing.

Some of my current favorites things that you are doing & that are new:

  • Walking. You started walking just before you turned 14 months.  It’s the absolute best.

IMG_1027 walk walk2


  • Needy/Loving/Cuddly.    You are a sensitive, cuddly, emotional human – just like your mama & daddy.  You love physical touch and make sure to let me know if I haven’t hugged you or cuddled with you enough that day:



  • Talking/Signing.  oh my word. precious.   You say:  Mama, Dada, ByeBye,  Baby (for your baby doll or your fav book Baby Belluga), MewMew (for milk), Nana, and you attempt to say Colorado.. but it’s a beautiful, jumbled mess.  For everything else you:  raise your highbrows, whine a really high-pitched whine and point to the object.  That whine never gets annoying. ; )  You sign ‘more’ & ‘all done’ & ‘please’.


  • Harmonica.  So, your dad plays the harmonica.  I know.. that’s the last thing people expect when they look at him, but it’s true.  You have loved watching and listening to him bust out Amazing Grace or other songs.  Then, out of nowhere… you picked it up and started playing yourself.  You walk around blowing out and in and making beautiful (to me) music.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.32.49 PM  Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.31.43 PM




  • Stairs/Steps.  You love climbing them and going down them.  Thank the Lord we were able to teach you how to go down (you turn around and put one leg down and then lower yourself) so that I don’t have to be by your side helping you every.single.time.   Also, thankfully.. you have only had one fall, which wasn’t as horrible as I had imagined..

IMG_0687   IMG_0683


  • Forks.  You have not been a good eater until recently.  And I have the fork to thank.  You didn’t like using your fingers as much as other babies, but you would whine for our fork.. so I let you play with it & showed you how to use it.  Then I got you a baby fork and thank God, you’re eating more and better.  Jabbing at food and then putting it in your mouth is like a game to you..


  • speaking of food, Fruit:  you eat the most of it when you’re walking around.  outside.  I love it..

fruit   Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset



  • Pool/Water.  We are so lucky to have a great pool on the property where we are leasing.  (It’s not at our house, but at the Main house)  You love the water and thankfully have adapted so well.  We have tried to expose you a lot before our Croatia trip, so hopefully you will love the Adriatic sea just as much as the pool.

IMG_0896    IMG_0916




  • Greeting Daddy.  So, until recently you wouldn’t always respond the same when daddy came home.  When you were little, you’d crawl to him and smile.. but then you went through phases and were just like “Meh.. sup, Dad?”.  Since walking.. you get EXCITED and breathe in huge, dramatic sighs of excitement and you head straight to him.  He then picks you up and you look at me and wave and say ‘ByeBye’.  You’re over me.  You want him all to yourself.  We laugh. Then I come to kiss daddy hello and attempt a group hug, but you push me away.  It’s hilarious. 


  • Cautious.   I love it and would rather you get hurt less and be more careful than be crazy.  Here are some of the first few times you went down a slide at the park.  Your face says it all:

IMG_0821  Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


  • Playing/Interacting:  I try to get on the floor a couple times a day and just play with you.  Even if I’m sitting on the floor just stretching or something, you get ecstatic and come over and climb on me.  Or you back up your tush into me & snuggle down in my lap (facing out & forward).  I die from happiness.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetAnother favorite of yours is peekaboo.  You will stand behind me with your hands on my back and freeze.. waiting quietly.  Then I will turn to one side quickly to scare you & I yell ‘Peekaboo!!”  You jump and get scared but then laugh so hard and love it.  Then we play that game over and over.


A little bit about sleeping:  Before you started walking, I weened you from nursing and you loved whole milk.  Whole milk in turn seemed to keep you fuller and you started sleeping so well at night.  (you did have some periods of all-nighters before).  Putting you down for bedtime had been fine but since walking you seemed too excited, wanting to play and explore.  You threw FITS at bedtime.  You were stubborn and didn’t want to go down.  You would sign ‘more’ and say your word for milk and just point to any and everything to try to get to stay up a little longer.

We tried to hold you and sing to you and ‘help’ you to sleep, but soon we were exhausted and frustrated and realized you were being a little manipulative.  Your daddy helped me to trust that if we left you to cry for a little bit, you would learn that you couldn’t be held to sleep or get anything that you asked for.  Instead you needed to put your head down and go to bed – because mommy and daddy said so.  The first night or 2 you cried for about 10-15 min, with gradually increased intensity and with taking breaks to put your head down because you were so tired.  You quickly learned (yet again – because we had done this several times before with you..) that playtime was over and it was night night time.  Now we have been putting you down around 7:30 or 8 and the routine & everything only takes like 10-15 min.  It’s heavenly.  We don’t know what to do with ourselves with so much time in the evening.. we just sit on the couch and stare at each other.  kidding.


I am so blessed to be able to stay home with you and spend so much time with you.  I love you, my baby girl,


IMG_0494 IMG_0438



Motherhood – Mothers Day 2014

” Motherhood is loving someone more than I ever thought possible.   It’s something I couldn’t have imagined or dreamt of before we had our beautiful daughter.   Every time she looks at me with her bright eyes, or wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder, my heart explodes with love.  A mother’s love for her baby is indescribable.  
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